Because we understand that students’ schedules can be very busy, we offer MEAL ADVANTAGE at Joe’s Place. If your class or work schedule prevents you from making scheduled meal hours in Hamilton Commons, you may “exchange” a meal from your plan at Joe’s Place. You can build a quality meal your way, by choosing from a variety of entrées and side selections on our MEAL ADVANTAGE menu. Combine your meal with an ice cold fountain beverage or a piping hot cup of coffee and you’re on your way. It’s fast, convenient and easy.

Campus Dining Munch Money is discretionary money that is built into your meal plan for you to use for those times when you may have to miss a meal in Hamilton Commons, just want a snack or might be in the mood to patronize our local off-campus partners. Munch money can be used at any Sodexo campus location…Joe’s Place, Hamilton Commons, the Dow Cart or Starbucks. Munch Money received as a part of your meal plan does carry over from semester to semester. Any Munch Money that is purchased and added to your plan will be available throughout the school year as well.

For your convenience Munch Money can be purchased online : Munch Money may also be purchased at the Sodexo Main Office located in the lower level of the Hamilton Commons.

A board exchange is an opportunity for organized student groups to take food off campus for picnics or retreats in exchange for their normal boarding meal. Please contact the Campus Dining main office two weeks in advance of your event to review the details of your request.

Suggestions and comments are not only welcome, but highly encouraged! Comment cards are always available in each dining facility for you to fill in any suggestions or comments you may have.